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RCN is an open-source global credit network that connects lenders, borrowers and originators on the blockchain to create frictionless, transparent and borderless loan markets.

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In an increasingly globalized world, RCN harnesses the Ethereum blockchain technology to bridge credit supply and demand across borders, creating a new ecosystem of decentralized lending and borrowing solutions for multiple stakeholders.

The Credit Marketplace allows lenders worldwide to reach the most attractive lending opportunities, no matter where they are.

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The platform enables any borrower around the world to request funds on their own terms by posting crypto-collateral.

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RCN provides flexible access to global credit supply to a variety of entities beyond retail borrowers.

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Blockchain technology allows the RCN network to outperform existing lending and borrowing solutions by creating a frictionless, transparent and completely borderless alternative to traditional loan markets.


By reducing fees and eliminating entry barriers the network increases efficiency throughout the lending and borrowing processes.


RCN smart-contracts ensure non-custodial storage of all funds and full auditability of every transaction.


The network seamlessly connects lenders and borrowers from all around the world.

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Meet the Credit Marketplace.

The RCN Credit Marketplace is a proprietary dApp that allows users to access the RCN protocol and connect with its features. By combining digital lending and borrowing tools with all the transparency and security of the blockchain, the RCN Credit Marketplace enables users to fund DeFi and CeFi loans, request P2P loans and manage everything in one place.

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By integrating the ecosystem’s top products, the RCN network is able to deliver the highest performance to its users.

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As one of the ecosystem’s key stakeholders, the RCN network is regularly featured at top events and media outlets across the world.